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Codpiece del pene, Codpiece – pazza moda


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    Read translator's note In Italy, during the Anni di piombo Years of Leadroughly between and the early s, socially minded poets and poetry readings flourished in the wake of right-wing terrorist campaigns and bombings that also incited retaliatory attacks by the paramilitary left-wing Red Brigades.

    His early poetry is lush, energetic, and codpiece del pene in its engagement with transgressive topics such as restrictive social mores and liberated ideas of sexuality. Equally remarkable are the medial caesuras, created through enjambment and punctuation, that enact the divided consciousness of the poem, which toggles between short, declarative sentences and somewhat unwieldy descriptive clauses.

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    His later poems are somewhat more tempered, often prayer-like or meditative. I tried to render this in my translation by alternating f and l sounds, which are echoed again in the final two stanzas.

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    Read bios Dario Bellezza — was a prize-winning and controversial Italian poet, novelist, and playwright who died a premature death related to complications from AIDS.